Spiritual Freedom Introduction

The Real You
Pathways to Inner Freedom

The Spiritual Freedom Series offers information and experiences to unfold your intuition, find your unique life purpose, develop clear two-way communication with spirit and experience the reality of your inner freedom.

PMM Meditation Training

Set your direction
Clearer coomunication

Take a look at how you form a deeper communication within yourself and with your spiritual helpers.

See how trust, doubt and assuming can affect your communication.


Spiritual-Pilgrim Shop

Welcome to our shop.We are happy to be of service. Jan and I have been involved with the spirit world for most of our lives. This is what we came to do.

Following is a list of services we offer. Consultations are one on one sessions that go deep into your spiritual life.

A recommended course is to first find out how you communicate. What is your gift order. And how to communicate with your inner guidance. This is required for about 80 % of the courses we offer. Gifts and Guidance Profile.

Then, the standard, recommended (though not required) is to experience a Blockage Profile. This determines a major block of your spiritual growth.

To receive a consultation enter your name, email address and time you are available. Include in the notes which Profile you are interested in.

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