Hello, my name is Jan!

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand but when I was three months old my parents moved to Tuatapere – a small sawmilling town in Southland.

My mother was a war bride from Italy and having known my Kiwi soldier father for about six weeks, showed enormous trust and courage to travel so far from her family – in those days by ship! So I grew up with half my roots in Europe and half in Australasia.

Both parents were Catholic but there was a strong contrast with the strict Irish Catholicism of the Catholic school Dominicans and the more relaxed Italian version. My mother could not reconcile it at all. But, much to my mother’s angst, I became a “good Catholic girl”!

This lasted until I left home and went to Teachers College in Dunedin where I met my first husband who was not a Catholic. Over the next years of a long OE and subsequent 3 children, my spiritual life went into a hiatus.

It re-emerged when I started Religious Studies at university and learned about Buddhism and Hinduism and REINCARNATION. Yay, that makes sense; I don’t have to get it all ‘right’ in one lifetime. Phew! Pressure off. Then I read Shirley MacLaine’s book Out On A Limb. Now I realised there was a much bigger picture.

The real turning point came when a friend rang to share how she had met an American man who had given her a private session. She now knew how many angels she had working with her personally and how to communicate with them! I knew right away I wanted that.

So I did get that…. and many others later on. I attended workshops, joined a weekly spiritual group and became a trained spiritual consultant myself with the Wayshowers College. I gained so much and lost my stutter.

Now 30 years later, I am still learning and growing spiritually. My horizons continue to expand as I enjoy embracing the many modalities and spiritual paths available to people. I have toured throughout New Zealand and the United States helping people help themselves. I now train the trainers but it is still my greatest fulfillment to connect other spiritual pilgrims with their angels/guides.

Email: janburke@hotmail.co.nz



I was born in a small town in western Pennsylvania, USA.

I enjoyed learning in Catholic school for 12 years.

The long walks home from school were meditations. I learnt to communicate with my inner guidance and began at a young age to formulate my own beliefs.

I never believed in religion and what the nuns and priests taught.

Yet I was always curious. I always wanted to learn.

Joseph Campbell says to follow your bliss. We are lucky when we know what our bliss is. In my 70+ years on this planet, as I look back, I feel I followed my inner feelings most of the time. The rest of the time I was learning I’d be better off if I did.

I’ve always believed that the purpose of life is to learn. Not necessarily engineering or mechanics, but more about my inner self. In my teenager years I remember making a decision. I could either learn what was inside or outside. I choose the inner. At the time I began studying nuclear physics as opposed to astronomy. I thought this was a good path. However, the more I studied physical chemistry, the more I learnt that it was all theory. No one really knew what the heck was going on. So I figured, if everyone is just making guesses, my guesses were as good as anyone else’s. I thought it was better to learn from my own mistakes rather than someone else’s.

I really like to learn about myself, my fellow planetary travelers, and the universe in which I live. I enjoy people who have the same idea. That we are our own truth seeker for ourselves. I can share what I have learnt and hopefully you can use it, adjust it and make it practical in your life. I would like to do the same with you. Everyone has a gold mine of wisdom. Sometimes it takes a little digging to find it.

I have come to believe that we all want to learn about life, because we all want to enjoy this short life that we have.

I see life on planet earth as a amusement park, with many different rides. Everyone is on the ride that they have chosen.

So I believe in live and let live.

Mark Twain says your education starts when you leave school. I am always curious.

I love meeting people and sharing my experiences.

Look forward to meeting you!




We acknowledge the numerous courses and training available with Wayshowers College. Thanks to Dr. Francisco Coll, Tiger Coll and many others over the years who have contributed to our spiritual growth.