Gifts and Guidance Profile


The Gifts and Guidance Profile is a private one-on-one session with a specially trained and certified consultant from Wayshowers College. During this session, you will learn the basic facts of your spiritual communication system (your gifts), your sensitivity, and about your angels or guidance. You are shown special techniques for tuning your energy to a higher vibration and establishing a crystal-clear communication with your angels.


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1001: Gifts and Guidance Profile

Learn about your four avenues of communication. Find out what is your avenue of communication and how it affects your inflow and outflow.

Find out about your energy at this time, that is, how spiritually sensitive you are, how positive you are, if there is any negativity and any indecisiveness.

Find out about your personal team of angels, how many you have and where they touch you on your body.

Learn a clear technique to be able to communicate with your inner guidance system; ask them questions and get an answer instantly.

This is a one hour Zoom session.

Prerequisite: Orientation Lecture.

Email: to arrange an appointment.


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