Tomas and Jan in Venice
Tomas and Jan in Venice

Welcome to Module 1

The Basics of Spiritual Growth

This is an opportunity to be involved in understanding the basics of spiritual growth. What is spiritual growth for you?

We are all here on planet earth to learn and grow spiritually. Our aim with these modules is to help you find your own answers to your own spiritual unfoldment.

Therefore, we suggest that you start your own spiritual journal to record your answers and make notes and reminders. This helps solidify your learning and keeps track of your progress.

We also suggest that you allow 5 to 7 days on each facet. The repetition helps you go deeper with each visit to the facet.

It is good to regroup each facet before moving on to the next one. Regrouping solidifies what you have learnt and then it becomes your truth for you.

Let us know when you have finished, and we will send you the link for the next facet.

We are, however, very happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.