Intuitive Astro-Gift Experience


Intuitive Astro-Gift Experience


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705-A: Your Intuitive Astro-Gift Experience: Punishment/Reward-Neglect/Attention:

1.      In this course you will refine your Astro-Gift of Intuition by understanding how it ties in with major areas of your personality.
2.      You will reinforce your vibration of true concern by respecting your Intuitive part and realize how it can be a strong pivot point for better inner communication.
3.      You will bring out your joy of involvement by strengthening your Intuitive part.
4.      You will discover ways to know where lies the pivot point for self-respect.
5.      You will find ways to pinpoint when you are in your Intellect, your Emotions, or your true feelings.
6.      You will discover ways to release outdated modes of thinking and unrealistic ways of feeling brought from early years of training and be able to live like the individual you came to be.
7.      You will realize from your early programming how your parents influenced your attitudes and habits.
8.      You will experience how you can learn to live in the present moment.


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