705B: Visionary Astro-Gift Experience


705-B: Your Visionary Astro-Gift Experience

Online event.

Thursday 20 July 2023 8-11PM EST

Friday 21 July 2023 8-11PM EST

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705-B: Your Visionary Astro-Gift Experience: Perfectionism/Realism-Rejection/Acceptance:

1. In this course you will refine your Astro-Gift of Vision by seeing how it ties in with major areas of your personality.
2. You will realize how the natural ability to organize of your Visionary gift can help you be more abundant in your life.
3. You will see how planification and delegation can help you in your organization.
4. You will find ways to pinpoint when you are in your Intellect, your Emotions or your true feelings.
5. You will see how your early programming from your parents influenced your habits and attitudes.
6. You will experience how you can be in a high level of energy at all times.


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