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La Familia Nuestra or Universal Family

What is La Familia Nuestra? (LFN)

La Familia Nuestra means Our Family in Spanish. It was created by Dr. Francisco Coll in the 1980’s to help people to understand the relationships in their life. The online version of LFN is known as Universal Family.

It is a series of monthly maps (calendars) which indicate the different energies and concepts that flow in and out of Planet Earth. For those who want to delve deeper, Universal Family also has group work and courses.

The yearly maps consist of a monthly theme, for example, the theme of the month for March 2022 was Fire.

Each month also identifies an energy for a day; or a group of days. There are also different concepts that may be encountered.

There are three levels to these LFN maps:

LFN-Level One

Level 1 gives the key word for the month and shows the energies on the days they occur and are colour coded for easier identification.

LFN Level Two

Level 2 also gives the concepts or emotions which occur at different times during the month, for example, sometimes we experience ‘road rage’. This can come more strongly when Sam is around. Once we recognise it and understand it, we can stay more relaxed with it.

LFN Level Three

Level 3 has all of Levels 1 & 2 but also some added symbols, for example, → can mean a time for added direction for ourselves.

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Keyword sentences about LFN

My consistency
My health rules. I pinpoint my strategies. My growth is exponential. I release old fears and programing. I detach from emotional responses that are the OLD me and those of others
Affluent Action: A new definition
I create win, win, win situations consistently. My Focus is uninterrupted. I am prepared and armed with a medication or a tool of positive influence. I reset and am astute. I am always viable.
Leonie C. Queensland, AUS

My perspective is love of self expression.

Perspective is the key to responding to life situations. It offers us a love of life in all its glorified/beautiful twists. It presents us with skill to share with others and offers a better understanding of our fellowman and woman. It brings clarity to the darkness within us and a path to light.

I expanded my love of self-expression to include quidance via words and actions. I learned the difference between self-reliance and leaning on tradition. I rejoiced in my growth. I learned that numbering is numbing – so don’t count, I measure. I am no longer leaving myself out, rather I am putting myself into the center of my life, of my universe.
MaryAnne W. Virginia, USA

What I have gained from the energies of the LFN Maps

What I have gained from the energies of the maps.
I have fine-tuned my sensory radar. I have become aware of how my feeling nature works. Often I must sharpen my tools so I can relate to what is around me. Understanding the energies help me connect with other people.
Concepts and stick figures – triggers
The triggers are part of the concepts that attach to me. Often there are elements that have ups and downs. I need to focus on the concept to understand how it works. My awareness of the concept keeps me away from the pitfalls. My belief in my concepts helps me smooth things out.
Mary J, Kansas, USA

La Familia Nuestra

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