Tiger Coll
Tiger Coll


Francisco David (‘Tiger’) Coll D.D.

As a spiritual educator, and a U.S. Navy Seal Tiger Coll is a strong believer in bringing together the two worlds in which we live in; the spiritual and the material.  “My purpose is to free people by Rallying the Forces within them.” Tiger states.

“I have experienced many things and encountered many people.  All of them have one thing in common … the need to grow.”  says Tiger .

By the age of seven, Tiger had traveled around the world many times.   Early in his life, Tiger’s wisdom and natural gifts were fostered and encouraged.  Tiger’s parents developed a College for spiritual understanding, without being indoctrinated by dogma or theology.  By the age of 14 Tiger was leading the youth program his parents had also developed.  “I had all the love I needed, but I was clear, I was apprentice first and son second.”  Tiger noted.

At 18 he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and soon earned his way into the SEAL Program, fulfilling one of his childhood desires.  This allowed him to further develop life skills, high ethics and to make practical what he learned spiritually.  This opportunity was not without difficulties.  While in the service he injured his leg badly enough where he could have been discharged.  In addition to these things, Tiger had little athletic training growing up, which made the physical aspects very difficult in comparison to his peers.  Tiger explained, “I don’t want to over state it, but it was not easy and there were some heavy disappointments and dark days.  But working with the tools and techniques I learned growing up, I was able to overcome them and do the job.”  Tiger went on, “I went from a kid who played no sports, lacking in athletic ability and having physical deficiencies, to keeping up with commandos.”

After the Navy, Tiger embarked on a myriad of opportunities and industries, believing in the philosophy, “Never take a job for money,  take it for what you can learn.”  Upon the passing of his father in 1999, Tiger returned to run the College his father had pioneered.  Since that time, Tiger has gone on to share in Seminars, administer Training and run the college services in many countries.  Additionally he has inspired and helped to create five non-profit organisations, all dedicated to making Spiritual Freedom a way of life.  Tiger points out, “I have seen the terminally diagnosed walk out of hospitals and live.  I have seen those told they would not be able to function from severe accidents, not only ‘function’  but have healthy strong lives.  They all tapped into the Spirit, their true self, and went beyond what doctors and people said.”  Tiger adds, “It has become so clear to me that suffering and fears play a huge role in our physiology.  Meaning, the health of our bodies is predominately affected by the psyche.  When people start truly believing in themselves, moving beyond fear, worry or guilt, there is very little that cannot be overcome or accomplished.  The miracle is not something fantastic out-there, it’s a tremendous power within you.”

Today Tiger invests most of his time expanding the Wayshowers College and regrouping Leadership around the world.  His motive:  To share the basic spiritual truths in the clearest manner.   He says, “It’s important take care of yourself physically.  It’s important to take care of yourself mentally.  But until you bring all your energy (your spiritual and your physical) into what you do, you will be missing out on your full potential.  It’s like digging for buried treasure, finding it, but then leaving half of it underground. My job is to inspire you to fulfill your potential all the time … your job is to follow through.”

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Common Quotes and Phrases –

• Help people to help themselves.

• School is good; but life is the best teacher.

• Don’t treat everyone the same, ‘be’ the same with everyone.

• Keep it clear, simple and practical, then you know its Spiritual.

• You are perfect, for what you come to do.

• Doing spiritual work is all about working your way out of a job.

• There is protection in direction.

• If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

• You can delegate opportunity, but you do not delegate responsibility.

• If you believe in only one thing, believe in yourself.

Key Spiritual Foundations –

You are Energy.

You are here to learn and grow.

You have a thrust and unique purpose.

You have inner guidance.

You are free.