Spiritual Monitoring Plan

A Course of Study to Refine your Personal Belief System

Regroup on a consistent basis.

Target the areas of your personal needs in order to clarify your direction.

Experience the backing of a powerful team of angels.

Learn how to deal with pressures in certain areas of your life.

An opportunity to live a balanced life

Stay connected to the Big Picture.

Direct your energy to a happier and more successful life.

Invite miracles into your life.

Pursue your daily challenges with enthusiasm.

See each day as an opportunity to accomplish your life’s thrust.

Experience a deeper level of Inner Peace

Enter a new world of spiritual knowledge and guidance.


The Spiritual Monitoring Plan (SMP) was created by Dr. Francisco Coll in 1979. He was active in the field of human relations for over 45 years. He was an author, professor and the Founder of the Americana Leadership College and its many educational services.

Dr. Coll was preeminent leader in the field of self-development and self-leadership. He is know internationally for the techniques he unfolded to help people understand themselves and the universe in which they live.

The Spiritual Monitoring Plan is currently being directed by key Wayshowers who were involved in SMP under Dr. Coll.