Tomas and Jan in Venice
Tomas and Jan in Venice

Cycles of Life


Start a new chapter in your journal called Cycles of Life. Visit this lesson for the next 6 days and write a new keyword, sentence and answers to the regrouping questions. At the end, write a paragraph or two of what you have learned about your Cycles of Life.


Cleanse and ask your guidance for a keyword for what you can gain from this facet today.

Keyword Sentence

Now put this keyword into a sentence or two. Write it in your journal.


All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.

William Shakespeare, “As You Like It”

Meditate on the quote and see your life as being on a stage, as a drama being played out. You are detached from the outcome. Write your impressions in your journal.


“The reason you have a physical body is to anchor yourself to planet earth. If you did not have that anchor, you would float back out into the universe. Science tells us that about every seven years we have a complete renewal of the physical body, and that most cells in the body are replaced every three to twelve years.”

Dr. Francisco Coll, “The Real You”

This coincides with a change in your state of consciousness as well.

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The Cycle of Life
0-7 Cycle of Feeling

Welcome to Planet Earth. Each soul comes into planet earth as pure feeling. The intellect is not yet developed so when a baby is hungry, it cries and when happy it smiles. That is how it communicates. The parent just knows what to do.

It is in this cycle that the basic personality is molded. 95% of a soul’s learning takes place in this cycle. As Aristotle says: “Give me a child until he is seven, and I will show you the man.”

7-14 Cycle of Intellect

School Days. Now the soul is ready for more expansion outside of the family unit by meeting new friends and experiencing new things. The intellect or the thinking mind, is developed during this time. The child goes to school, is more independent and is learning a bigger picture.

The soul wants to be a part of a family as well as develop its own individuality. The first gift becomes more evident here.

14-21 Cycle of Identity

The teens. Now the soul searches for its own identity by testing boundaries to find out where they begin and end.

“It is a time to reawaken to the same sense of freedom they had when they were born. The only difference is they no longer need someone to tell them what to do.”

Dr. Francisco Coll “The Real You”

It is important in this cycle for the soul to search for its own freedom in order to find its own direction. At the same time, though, it is also just as important to develop relationships that enhance self-confidence.

21-28 Cycle of Maturity

Time to leave the nest. In this cycle, the soul moves into full maturity by seeking adventure, romance and independence. For some, a career is important; for others, travel or starting their own family is a priority,

Whatever the situation, it is a time for establishing a future that is unique to them by discovering their own niche and purpose.

28-35 Cycle of Re-adjustment

Is this all there is? There is a strong feeling of unease. Life does not seem as challenging or as rewarding as expected.

The soul now begins to realize that there is something more and starts to search for a deeper meaning. This could entail changing core beliefs or making new choices.

It is a time to deepen commitment to self.

35-42 Cycle of Spiritual Abundance

It’s my choice. In this cycle abundance begins to flow and continues to increase. There is an inner security in knowing that ‘it is up to me.’

New challenges are sought with more confidence in self which continues to expand through the next cycles.

42-49 Cycle of Material Abundance

Reaping what I’ve sown. Generally, the house is paid off, the children have left home, so now time to live for self and really enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

There may be a renewal of purpose now that life has more freedom. New opportunities open up.

49-56 Cycle of Inventory

Time to review. This cycle is a time for taking stock. Questions like:

  • What have I done with my life?
  • Am I in the right place?
  • Am I fulfilling my life purpose?
  • What changes do I need to make?
56-63 Cycle of Decision

It’s now or never. If the previous questions are not answered honestly and if the changes are not made, then a ‘dis-ease’ may appear.

It is a time to start doing your greatest work, based on your life’s experiences. For example, some of the greatest scientists and artists did their best work after this cycle.

If, however, you have not lived your life for yourself, the Real You – your soul part – will feel life’s opportunity has been wasted.

63-70+ Cycles of the Golden Years/Inner Peace

Hallelujah. Now time to really enjoy the fruits of your labor. Retirement brings opportunity to really enjoy the moment, value your time and friendships and look forward to a comfortable lifestyle.

Other people’s opinions don’t matter anymore because now you know yourself better and live and let live is your standard.


What cycle are you in and how do you relate to it?

What cycle gave you the most trouble in your past?

How has understanding the cycles helped you?

Do you have any plans for your next cycle?


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