Tomas and Jan in Venice
Tomas and Jan in Venice

Guidance/Spiritual Helpers


Start a new chapter in your journal called Guidance. Visit this lesson for the next 6 days and write a new keyword, sentence and answers to the regrouping questions. At the end, write a paragraph or two of what you have learned about your Guidance.`


Cleanse and ask your guidance for a keyword for what you can gain from this facet.

Keyword Sentence

Now put this keyword into a sentence. Write it in your journal.


“Wise guidance never violates people’s free will.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

Write down any impressions.


In the previous facet we talked about having lessons to learn this lifetime. You chose these lessons before you were born. You also chose a team of advanced souls to help you in your life’s journey.

These advanced souls have graduated from the earth plane having already mastered what you have come to learn. They have the Big Spiritual Picture for you. They offer guidance and help when you ask for it. The key is not expecting or demanding that you be told what to do. Your guidance respects your free will to make your own decisions and your own choices. However, they will back you 100%.

Any impressions from your team come through your first gift or perception. There are four gifts or perceptions and each person has their own particular order.

  • Prophecy – an inner knowing or claircognizance. You know but don’t know how you know.
  • Vision – seeing or clairvoyance. This is a picture in the mind’s eye.
  • Intuition – hearing or clairaudience. This is thoughts or ideas.
  • Feeling – healing or clairsentience. These are feeling impressions.

Module 1 includes a personal consultation entitled Gifts & Guidance. During this profile which takes one hour, you will receive your gift order, and how many spiritual helpers you are working with this lifetime. You are also given a simple technique that you use to communicate with your guidance, that is, ask a question and get an answer instantly.

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Gifts and Guidance


Did you have an imaginary friend in your childhood?

Have you ever asked yourself a question and received an answer? What was your experience?

How does it feel that you are never alone?

When have you experienced goose bumps or chills?


What did you learn about your keyword?

Did you accomplish your goal set at the beginning of this facet?

What would you do differently?

What was your highlight?