Personal Sessions Available

Take a look at the following 6 personal sessions which are available and have no prerequisites. They are mostly one hour sessions and can be easily administered on line through Zoom.

1. Types of Perception Orientation Profile

There are four types of sensitivity or means of communication. Everybody has all four, but in a different order of priority. This order determines your personality, i.e. how you perceive life and how you react to it.

One sensitivity is Prophecy. This sensitivity is based on an inner knowing. People who have Prophecy as their first means of communication, just know things and don’t know how they know. They can be controlling but are entrepreneurial and need to be creative.

Another sensitivity is Vision. This sensitivity is based on seeing. People who have Vision as their first perception need a picture in their mind’s eye in order to understand. They can be perfectionists but love peace and harmony.

Another sensitivity is Intuition. This sensitivity is based on hearing. People who have Intuition as their first perception are very sensitive to sounds, words, and often have an inner conversation with themselves. They do not like too much detail but are concerned with quality.

Last but not least is the Feeling sensitivity. This sensitivity is based on feeling. People who have Feeling as their first perception are very sensitive to their environment. They tend to be followers but are natural healers.

Chat about the Four Sensitivities
Types of Perception

If your are interested in your gift order and how it works for you, you can experience a 30 minute consultation with Jan or Tomas.

2. Gifts and Guidance Orientation Profile

This is a comprehensive profile of your spiritual energy and your personal communication system of your four spiritual gifts.

As a channel for spiritual energy, you will discover the order of your four spiritual gifts.

Learn about your personal spiritual guidance and techniques to develop your clear two-way communication with your guidance.

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